Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fast lane or passing lane?

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Something that irks me, and I know I am not alone, are people who monopolize the passing lane.  I know I am not alone because this is one of the few things I consistently complain about to those around me, and everyone I know immediately agrees and they commiserate with me.  However, where I will complain about misuse of a passing lane, most people I know will complain about misuse of a fast lane, and therein I believe is part of the problem.

Fast is an abstract idea.  Ask 10 people what is fast, and you will likely get 10 different answers.  By thinking of the far left lane as a fast lane you open this lane up to everyone's individual idea of what is fast.  This could be everything from what someone feels is the appropriate speed for conditions, to the speed limit, to as fast as a car can be pushed.  The result, the left lane becomes the same as every other lane, a mire of traffic to impede anyone who may want to travel faster than the slowest inhabitant.

This is the importance of defining this lane as a passing lane (which is often how state law will define the left lane in a multi-lane highway).  Passing is not an abstract idea.  You either are passing cars on your right, or you are not.  This creates a very clear standard, if you are not passing cars then you should not be in the passing lane.  If you are blocking the passing lane by not passing cars you are being an anti-social ass.

Short post today!  What do you think of people monopolizing the passing lane?  What do you call it?

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