Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New website!

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
I have a new site online at (redirects from as well).  Unlike the Blogger infrastructure hosting, is a full application infrastructure under my complete control.  I've already started taking advantage of the possibilities that opens up!

The first thing I did was a write-up on Certificates and PKI, as well as a tool to generate server certificates and CA chains for testing.  I think it's pretty cool.  Not a lot of folks are offering cert generation online for free.  We'll see how much usage it gets and how resource intensive.  Currently it is generating true cryptographic strength keys.  If it gets so much traffic as to be expensive (generating keypairs isn't a cheap task in terms of CPU, after all) I may have to come up with a strategy to pre-gen keys (in which case it won't really be cryptographic quality any longer).  All that said, anyone who is using keys they generated online from anyone but a major public CA, for anything where security is a critical concern, is already failing :)  My certs/keys are meant as testing tools, not production replacements for a real CA (or proper internal PKI controls).

Next item, and what I am currently working on, is a Regular Expression (Regex) section.  Currently all that is up there is an online Java Regular Expression Tester.  It's similar to the others online, form submission, and a report.  I try to give as much info on the results as possible, as well as give examples of code that might produce such output.  I need to work on cleaning up the interface a little, but in general I think it's got some advantages to the others out there.  I also have a strategy for the future that *may* allow me to more closely mimic how the Javascript and PRCE online Regex Testers work.  This isn't easy to do in Java, since no one want's to run java in browsers, if my idea pans out it'll be pretty cool for those who want to work specifically with the Java engine, but also want to maintain the syntax highlighting and other client side features of a javascript implementation.