Sunday, March 27, 2016

Powers of the president

I am tired of hearing rhetoric thrown around by the candidates about what the budget or taxes would be under their presidency. Sure the president can make suggestions, put forth ideas, but ultimately be doesn't get to choose. Congress controls taxes and budgets, they write and pass all laws. Yet candidates constantly profess their opinions and masquerade them, as if they were the decision makers on the topics. The best a president can hope for is a veto.

Wars, tariffs, trade negotiations, pardons, appointments , and carrying out the laws, that's the territory of the president. Perhaps it's time we start discussing those topics more aggressively.

At the same time Congress's ratings are in the toilet, and the whole institution is circling the bowl. All the effort when it comes to taxes and budgets, should be going into holding Congress accountable. There is far more to running this country than 1 person, we do ourselves a disservice by focusing the vast majority of our attention at that 1 person.