Friday, August 12, 2011

Neff's Canyon Hike

Location: Neffs Canyon Trailhead
For this, I tried something new.  I left the recorder going for the entire hike.  I had thought this would give me more material to put to video, but it didn't.  In fact, because everything got recorded, the neat stuff didn't get the attention it deserved.  It also made me feel like I should commentary track everything, and that is just a bad idea all around!

So I was planning on going back up to East Canyon, earlier in the day, to see if I could find where the trail we took for our dusk hike went.  I was getting ready to leave, when a very old friend, who I hardly ever see, asked if I'd like to join him in Neff's.  Despite wanting to see where the East Canyon trail goes, and not liking hikes that start in the valley that late in the day (it's too damn hot), I decided to join him.  He had said that they were shooting for earlier, around 4, but that if I thought I could make it there by 5:30 they'd wait for me.  He said that if I showed up later they would head up but he gave me directions to which trail they'd be on to catch up.

I arrived at the trailhead just after 5, I noticed that a truck in the lot looked exactly like his old truck, so when no one showed up by 5:30 I figured they left early and started on my way to catch up.  Turns out I was wrong, he must not have that truck, he was driving a little white bmw, and he got there around 6.  By that time I was way up the trail, and suspecting that I hike faster than he, I doubt he would have been able to catch up. Luckily, around 6:30 I figured they weren't further up, and the bugs were eating me alive, so I turned around.

After meeting someone else on the trail who said a couple was looking for me, and getting down to find them not in the parking lot, I scoured the area, finally found them, and we had a great chat by the rope swing till nearly 10, when we had to leave so our cars wouldn't get locked in.

Not as much hiking as I had hoped, and the view is non-existent, but the trail was wonderful once you get past the foothills.  It really was quite a treat to hike, even if it didn't lead to any jaw dropping scenery!

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